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40-year-old menswear store will close its doors forever

Dublin: A four-decade-old Indian clothing store in Ireland is closing its doors. Sham Sharma, the owner of Anu Fashions at Supervalu Shopping Centre, has announced that the 40-year-old menswear store will close its doors permanently. He stated that there will be no activity beginning next month.

As part of this, the shop is having a stock sale. Anu Fashions will be holding a closing down sale every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday beginning October 6. Sham stated that once the stock sale is completed, he will personally say goodbye to the business and its customers.

Sham Sharma, a businessman who came to Ireland from Punjab and has overcome many challenges, including the online revolution, stated that his life is made up of loyal customers. The shop has been closed for several months, but they continue to call. They requested that the shop be open for at least half an hour.

In 1982, he opened his first shop in Ashbourne’s Garden City Shopping Center. Anu Fashions Uniform Shop is still in operation, led by his wife, Ravi. There were very few shops here in 1982. He was the first in Ashbourne to open a menswear store. The menswear shop sold Irish-made clothing, which is uncommon in today’s market.

Schools approached him and asked him to sell school uniforms. That’s how it began. For the past 40 years, he has provided uniforms to five local schools. Dimpy, his daughter, is also involved in the business with Sham. Visitors to the shop were also familiar with Dimpy’s Shih Tzu dog, Gizmo. This summer, it died. In 1992, the business was relocated to the city’s Supervalu Center. Sham has a wife, Ravi, a daughter Dimpy and her partner James, and two grandchildren, Jai and Amara.

In business, there are both good and bad times. Sham advises: One should go through it all with the hope that good times will come again.

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