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Just hours left for the US presidential election! Who will win? Biden or Trump

With just hours to go before the US presidential election, Trump and Biden have stepped up their campaigns.

Trump has held 10 rallies in the last 48 hours to promote the campaign. Trump reiterated that he would not relinquish the presidency by mobilizing thousands of supporters in Michigan.

Republican nominee Donald Trump is seeking to retain the presidency by consolidating white’s votes.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Joe Biden visited rural Michigan with former President Barack Obama to secure black votes and increase turnout. Biden is confident that he can achieve great success.

Trump is also very confident that he will win the election. Addressing an election rally, Trump said that ‘he (Biden) did not know he would lose.’

On Sunday, he also visited Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Biden, meanwhile, spent most of his Sunday among Pennsylvania voters. He also addressed an election rally in Philadelphia and also attended a rally at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in the town center.

Biden is seeking to exert more influence in Pennsylvania, which played a key role in bringing Trump to the White House last time.

As part of this, Biden visited Pennsylvania more times than any other place. Philadelphia, meanwhile, is a stronghold of the Democratic Party.

Biden’s leading campaigners, including his wife Jill, Senator Kamala Harris, and husband Doug Emhoff, will be widely campaigning in various parts of the country today.

Biden claims that the Democratic Party can win the election without the votes in Pennsylvania.

Democrats are increasingly focusing on Pennsylvania with the goal of significantly reducing Trump’s vote.

At the same time, President Trump attaches great importance to Pennsylvania. Trump held four rallies here on Saturday. Today, Trump is running a campaign in Scranton, Biden’s hometown.

The world is watching to see who will win the US presidential election. Just waiting for hours to see if President Trump will get a second term or if Biden will overthrow Trump.

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