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A cold storm has brought the US to a standstill… even rescue operations have become impossible

Washington: A severe cold storm swept across the United States, killing 31 people.Thousands of homes and institutions were destroyed. Lakhs of people were left in the dark after the electricity connection was broken. Power and communication links were interrupted. Hundreds of flights were cancelled. Even the rescue operation was stopped as all the fire trucks in the city of Buffalo got stuck in the snow.

It is reported that 60% of the US population is suffering in some way from the cold storm. Due to the bad weather, hundreds of thousands of Americans cancelled their trips before Christmas. Flight tracking website FlightAware reported that over 2,360 flights were cancelled.

Officials revealed that people were killed in car accidents, by falling tree branches, and so on. In the Buffalo area, three people were killed. However, due to poor weather conditions, the emergency team was unable to reach the location.

The storm caused heavy damage in Buffalo, New York. The cold storm was more severe than a cyclone, and as a result, the emergency response team’s work was hampered. Due to the poor weather, the city’s Niagara International Airport was also closed. Due to heavy snow, low temperatures, and power outages, all the residents of Buffalo are suffering.

The airport will be closed until Monday morning, according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul. Meanwhile, blizzards and blizzards brought power outages from Maine to Seattle.
Electricity grid operator PJM Interconnection warned that 65 million people were without power across the eastern US. Electricity operators have indicated that it will take days to restore power.
Forecasters said Buffalo had 71 centimetres of snow as of Saturday. Storms dumped up to six feet (1.8 metres) of snow on the city’s south side last month, a record.

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