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A massive protest rally in Madrid; Protesters gather during a demonstration to defend Madrid’s health system

Madrid: A massive protest was held in Madrid, Spain’s capital, to protect the country’s health sector. The rally was held ahead of a strike by family doctors and paediatricians scheduled for September 21st in response to excessive workload, endless appointments, and a lack of time. Approximately 5,000 health workers are planning a strike.

The government has confirmed that approximately 200,000 people attended the rally demanding the maintenance of primary health care services. However, organisers claim that 650,000 people took part in the protest. The agitation also calls for the end of the shift toward public-private partnerships in healthcare and the restructuring of the primary healthcare sector.

For many years, the health-care system in the Madrid region has been declining. The main issue is a lack of resources and personnel. This problem is exacerbated by regional management. Madrid is the region with the lowest health-care investment. In Madrid, where the average person requires 1,700 euros, only 1,300 euros are allocated. This is the region with the least number of doctors and nurses. Protesters also demanded the resignation of Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the leader of the region’s right wing.

The protest was organised by local associations and municipalities. The protesters are demanding an overhaul of Ayuso’s regional government’s health policies.

The rally took place at four different locations throughout the capital. The rally demanded that the public health care system be preserved and that the primary health care scheme not be abolished. Protesters held a banner proclaiming that healthcare is not for sale and should be preserved.

At the rally, Monica García of the far-left Mass Madrid party stated that the regional government is destroying the public health system. She described the tragedy as unprecedented.

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