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Abortion Amendment; Malta’s President is Set to Resign

Valletta: It has been reported that President George Vella is preparing to resign as a result of the health law amendment proposed by the Maltese government. The amendment will allow doctors and other health professionals to perform abortions when the pregnant woman’s life and health are in grave danger.

The bill is currently being read for the second time in Parliament. The Parliament will vote on this law on December 19. If the law passed by the parliament is to come into force, the president must sign it. In the meantime, information came out that the president is considering resigning.

The media reports that he will resign if the parliament approves the amendment proposed by the government. It is indicated that the president is under pressure due to the fear of misusing the law.

Sources close to him say that the president believes that this law change will allow abortions to be performed even if the pregnant woman’s life is not in danger.

There is no history of any president of Malta resigning. It is also noted that if the president resigns over this bill, a new era of controversy will begin. Vella also opposed the IVF bill introduced last summer, but it was signed by acting President Frank Besina while Vella was abroad.

There were weeks of speculation between the bill’s passage in Parliament and Besina’s signature. Vella repeated that he would sign the bill, but he did not.

Independent MP Marlene Farrugia had previously introduced a private bill to decriminalise abortion. At this point, the president commented that this was like impunity for murder.

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