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AI App Offers Revolutionary Predictions for Chronic Lung Patients

A groundbreaking app utilising artificial intelligence (AI), known as Breathe RM, could prove revolutionary for patients with chronic lung conditions like cystic fibrosis. The technology claims to predict when a patient may fall ill up to 10 days in advance, potentially transforming how these conditions are managed. In a year-long trial at the Royal Papworth Hospital in the UK, supported by LifeArc and the National Institute for Health and Care Research, Breathe RM is being tested on 50 patients, with hopes to recruit 400 more.

The app, designed like a to-do list, collects daily input from users through a traffic light system. If successful, Breathe RM could allow remote monitoring, eliminating the need for frequent clinic visits. Professor Andres Floto, creator of the AI algorithm, explains that the app analyses subtle data differences, alerting patients on necessary actions to avoid exacerbations. The trial involves self-monitoring vital signs, including lung function and blood oxygen levels, via connected devices and personal smartwatches.

The project, known as ACE-CF, also involves Magic Bullet, a company founded by parents seeking solutions for their son with cystic fibrosis. The app’s potential to predict exacerbations could be a revolutionary feature, empowering patients to take control of their health. The technology’s scope may extend to other chronic lung conditions, like bronchiectasis, with a separate study called Bronch-Ex funded by LifeArc as part of its broader investment in respiratory infection treatments.

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