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Alcohol consumption in Ireland falls sharply, ranking 12th in the European Union

Dublin: The European Commission has revealed that there has been a sharp decline in alcohol consumption among Irish people.

In the 2000 survey, Ireland exceeded all 27 countries in the Union. But figures published by the commission show that Irish citizens have changed in 16 years. Alcohol consumption rose by five per cent in 2015 alone. Still, it is remarkable that Ireland has been able to achieve this.

Alcohol consumption among Irish people has dropped by 23.6%. This puts Ireland in 12th place in terms of alcohol consumption.

The average per capita consumption of liquor in Ireland is 10.6 liters, which is behind Poland, France and Germany. The recent Public Health (Liquor) Bill aims to bring Ireland to its lowest level of alcohol consumption. Ireland has 6 liters more than the global average for personal alcohol consumption. According to the Global Code of Alcohol, Irish people drink twice as much.

Alcohol Action Ireland spokesman Jonah McKinney said guidelines should be followed to mitigate the dangers of alcoholism. According to this, 11 standard drinks are now available for men and 17 for women. Kinney also said that he wants the average alcohol consumption to reach seven liters.

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