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America with nuclear missiles; Warning to Iran and Hezbollah; Don’t interfere….! ‘ 

The United States has warned Iran and Hezbollah not to try to attack Israel, which opposes Hamas. The White House has warned that if there is such a move on the part of the two, the United States will take direct military intervention. Earlier, Houthis rebels fired rockets at Israeli forces advancing into Gaza. Then the US Navy launched an attack on the Houthis rebels. 17,350 US troops have been in the region since the Hamas terror attack.

The United States has sent a nuclear-capable submarine to the West Asia following reports of a joint attack by the Houthis and Hezbollah on Israel, which is fighting Hamas. A photo of the Ohio-class submarine, capable of firing ballistic and cruise missiles, has been released in Egypt’s Suez Canal. Israel has welcomed this American approach.

The New York Times reports that the US rarely publicises the location of submarines. According to the report, the position was advertised to warn Iran and Hezbollah. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said the U.S. is committed to deterring any country or organisation from escalating the conflict.

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