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An app to help occupational therapists: Indian teenager from Cork inspires with her invention

CORK: Saanvi Kaushik, a 13-year-old Indian girl from Cork, has gained attention in Ireland after developing an app called ‘Stellar’ to help occupational therapists. She has emerged as one of the six inspiring teenagers in the ‘Quaran-teen’ genius through her unique invention. Saanvi, who won the award for app development, gives us new glimmers of hope despite the adversity of Pandemic.

Saanvi developed her app as part of a 12-week programme run by the education non-profit Technovation, which encourages girls to make such discoveries. She said her science teacher at Christ King Secondary School in Cork encouraged her to participate in the programme. About 6,000 teenage talents from 60 countries attended the event. Only six of them received the award, one of which was Saanvi.

Saanvi’s app is a high-level prototype, and she hopes to launch it soon. “I’ve a few things to do like make sure the app is GDPR compliant and HIPAA compliant so it’s safe, and I want to add push notifications,” she explained.

The quest to help the mother reached ‘Stellar’

The ‘Stellar’ app is designed to help occupational therapists and their patients. The idea came to Saanvi’s mind when she saw her mother, Sarika, an occupational therapist (OT), struggling to care for patients during the COVID pandemic.

Saanvi was also inspired by the realization that tens of thousands of children in Ireland are currently waiting for the services of OTs. “I thought now, more than ever, there is a need to use technology to tackle this issue,” she said. Saanvi said her mother helped her figure out what OTs would need from the app.

“On my app OTs can maintain patient profiles and records, schedule appointments and offer private remote sessions. Then families of children waiting for OT can access reliable resources to help their children while they wait,” Saanvi explained.

“It feels absolutely amazing because I never did coding before this and winning the technology award is absolutely amazing and has shown me what I’m capable of doing,” she said.

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