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Are you looking to “study nursing in Ireland” and get a chance to get a job, Apply now…….

Dublin: There is an opportunity to do post-BSc nursing and MSc nursing courses in reputed colleges of various universities in Ireland and secure employment after graduation.

What makes those who study nursing in Ireland different from those who are going to study in other parts of the world is that the money spent on studies and further work is guaranteed. Those pursuing a post-BSc degree will be able to work in Ireland for one year, while those pursuing an MSc degree will be able to work for two years.

Work permits for carer jobs are now issued in Ireland. But many of them arrive in Ireland after paying huge sums of money through illegal agencies. For such people, one-year courses can be done here at a lower rate. It will also help secure employment.

Along with the English study programme, a half-dozen institutions, including university colleges, have now added MSc Nursing Post-Graduation and BSc (Post-BSc) courses.

Some of these colleges also offer intensive training programmes to help students obtain the OET/IELTS score required for Irish nursing registration. As soon as the students complete the course, they will be eligible for nursing registration in Ireland. Studying in Ireland increases the chances of nursing jobs in other European countries, Australia, America, and Canada.

Since English is the main language, it is easy to get a high score in OET/IELTS by living completely in Ireland at the place of study and work. Under the auspices of the respective institutions, special classes in English are prepared for academic reading, writing, and digital skills in English.

Indian nursing pass students who come to study MSc without the required qualifications of OET/IELTS, or Irish Nursing Board registration will almost certainly be hired as nursing assistants (carer). College career services provide the necessary assistance for such placements.

In short, post-BSc students can work in Ireland for two years, including a one-year study period, and MSc students can work in Ireland for three years.

Admission to various courses in Ireland is given to those who are BSc nursing graduates from India and are registered with the Indian Nursing Board. These courses also provide an opportunity for those who have completed a BSc Nursing degree in another country but lack an IELTS/OET qualification to work in Ireland.

The vast majority of those who have completed the course in recent years in Ireland have already obtained nursing registration and employment.

The main reason Ireland is popular among Indian nurses is that if they put in the time and effort to obtain the required English language qualification in the country, they can earn additional education, money, and work without losing their investment.

O’Brien Associates, a leading Irish educational consultancy that has reopened its operations in India, is offering facilities for those interested in studying nursing in Ireland. They have accepted and facilitated the largest number of students to Ireland for studies and are now active in India after a break during the COVID period.

O’Brien Associates is also responsible for bringing the first Indian nursing students to Ireland.

It is one of the few agencies in Ireland that has direct links with all educational institutions.

For information on study facilities in Ireland, course fee structure, scholarships, accommodation, cost of living, etc. for the courses starting in September 2023, January and September 2024,

please contact O’Brien Associates at [email protected].

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