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Atypical Work Scheme Visa Delays to Ireland: Immediate Remedial Action

Dublin: The Atypical Work Scheme (AWS) application process for hundreds of nurses waiting to arrive in Ireland is expected to begin as soon as possible. According to the Justice Department, it is working to reduce immigration processing times through system upgrades.

Most of the people who have been applying for delivery work visas since February are from India. During this time, only nominal applications were processed.

As the waiting time for visas increases, nurses are losing their RCSI exam slots every time. Hundreds of people are paying fees again to take the next exam.

These include those whose decision letters have expired. The money will not be refunded if the application is rejected through the Atypical Work Scheme (AWS).

The department informs the candidates that their application has been rejected for strange reasons. Since this year, the software used to submit the documentation has been hacked since the department updated it. After noticing many cases of fake offer letters being created on a large scale and trying to bring candidates to Ireland irregularly, the government introduced a new application method to plug the loopholes, but it affected all categories of candidates unfairly.

The ministry has given many complex reasons for rejecting the applications, such as the absence of a middle name, the use of a different ink, payment not made from the applicant’s own account, an application not filled out by the applicant, and an application submitted.

Many people who chose Ireland for better job opportunities are now looking elsewhere. Unnecessary delays are now occurring in the applications of qualified candidates. If there are any corrupt recruitment agents, the government should reveal their identities and remove them from service. It will also prevent them from coming up with false answers again. A candidate waiting for a visa in Ireland after working in Bahrain for many years told us.

RCSI has clarified that examination fees will be refunded in most cases, including when a candidate is unable to travel.

Now it takes around 35 working days to process the applications. There are many cases, even after a hundred days. The Department of Justice website informs applicants that processing will take at least 20 working days. According to the Irish Embassy in New Delhi, the number of visa applications in April 2023 is up 40% from last year. This is a 75 percent increase over 2019.

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