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Beware! you are in Level 3 restriction

Even as Covid cases are growing, people are still gathering in the streets and now the Garda is trying to raise awareness on the streets of Dublin.

During the weekend, the Garda reminded the people of Dublin that they are in the Level 3 restrictions by concentrating on checkpoints and conducting extensive patrols.

More Gardas were deployed in Dublin as part of Operation Fanach, which focuses on ensuring public health measures.

Garda explained to everyone on the road about the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of Covid and the need to comply with existing regulations.

The Garda is trying to remind people of the importance of not leaving the area during the Covid outbreak, although current standards do not prohibit people from leaving Dublin.

The force has decided to sensitize the people in three ways to encourage them to follow the guidelines and rules. People are educated using three E approaches: Engage, Educate and Encourage.

John Toomi, deputy commissioner of policing and security, said people need to be more vigilant and work together to protect their local community, especially the most vulnerable in society.

Each individual must play their part in controlling the Covid and strictly adhere to public health regulations. He added that the Garda would play its part in the defense.

Meanwhile, of the 396 new Covid cases confirmed in Ireland yesterday, 241 were in Dublin. Covid cases in Dublin are on the rise as Level 3 restrictions remain in place.

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