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Biden in hopes of victory; Democratic candidate has been barred from flying aircraft over his home

Washington: Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who progresses to victory in the US presidential election, has been barred from flying aircraft over his home in Delaware.

As a safety precaution, the Federal Aviation Administration has instructed pilots not to fly at a radius of one mile above the house. No aircraft are allowed on this route except in emergencies.

Similar restrictions were imposed on October 8, 2016, above the house of current US President Donald Trump, US Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Tim Kane. But the next day, restriction was lifted over the homes of Hillary Clinton and Kane.

Meanwhile, Biden continues to leap forward in hopes of winning the presidential election. Biden is making great strides in Georgia, the stronghold of the Republican Party, and in Pennsylvania, where Trump won in 2016. Biden also maintains dominance in Nevada.

Biden and his followers are hoping to get 42 more electoral votes in these three states. With just six votes needed to win an absolute majority of 270 electoral votes, Biden will be in power by a huge margin against Trump if he wins in the leading states.

Several survey results predicted that Biden would become US president. But Trump was still confident that he could retain power without giving up hope.

Although Trump won in Indiana when the first results came out, the American people and the world witnessed Biden’s battle in the hours that followed.

When things are going the opposite way for Trump, he says he’s not going to accept defeat, whereas Biden says he will wait patiently for the end result.

Biden secured 264 of the 538 electoral votes. An absolute majority requires 270 votes. If the lead can be maintained, Biden could be the next US president. At the same time, the world is anxiously awaiting Trump’s next move, who is on the brink of defeat with just 214 electoral votes.

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