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Biden on the verge of victory

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has made great strides in the US presidential election. Biden has shocked the world by consolidating his lead in states where President Trump led.

Biden has made unexpected strides in Trump-led Georgia and Pennsylvania. Biden won by a margin of 1,000 votes in Georgia and 10,000 votes in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is the state where Trump won in 2016. The defeat here would be a major setback for Trump.

Meanwhile, the Trump camp is in shock at Biden’s progress in the Republican – led states.

Biden continues his winning streak with 264 out of 538 electoral votes. But so far, Trump has won only 214 electoral votes.

One who wins 270 electoral votes will be the new president. Biden is just six votes away from the goal. With these votes, Biden will become the 46th President of the United States.

Biden, who currently has 264 electoral votes, will also get 42 more electoral votes if he wins in Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Biden is confident of retaining the lead with 306 votes.

In Georgia, the vote was 99 percent. There are 16 electoral votes here. Biden received 2449588 votes and Trump 2448491 votes. There may be a recount of votes here as there is a slight difference in votes.

In Nevada, with counting 84 percent of the vote, Biden received 604,251 votes and Trump 59,913,313 votes. There are six electoral votes here. In Pennsylvania, meanwhile, 98 percent of the vote was counted. Biden received 3297507 votes and Trump received 3290761 votes.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lead was limited to North Carolina and Alaska. Even with the 15 electoral votes here, Trump will get only 229 electoral votes in total.

As the voting nears a photo finish, the world is watching anxiously to see if Biden will overthrow Trump and seize power in the United States.

Police have imposed heavy security on Biden’s house, since he is approaching victory. Trump, meanwhile, has said he will not concede defeat.

There are serious concerns that riots could erupt if Trump fails. Earlier, Trump supporters took to the streets in protest, calling for a halt to the vote.

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