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Brexit: More Indian companies leaving the UK for Ireland, over 750 million worth of goods arriving in Ireland each year

Dublin: Brendan Ward, Irish Ambassador to India, says trade relations between Ireland and India have taken a new turn after Brexit.

Several companies seeking a presence in the European Union have approached the Irish Embassy in Delhi with a view to relocating their base in the UK to Ireland. Talks with them have already been held in Chennai and Mumbai. He also added that a number of new companies will arrive in Ireland by next year.

‘Ireland has the advantage of being the only country where English is the official language of the European Union.

Already, more than 100 Indian companies, large and small, have established a presence in Ireland. There are Indian companies that employ tens to thousands of people.

‘In Ireland Indian companies alone transact worth 4 billion Euro a year.’

‘In addition to this the trade in goods sector has a turnover of one billion euros per year.

India exports goods worth 750 million Euro to Ireland every year and Ireland exports goods worth 250 million Euro a year to India,” he said.

The two countries have begun intensive talks to expand these trade services to more areas.

The Ambassador said that the number of students coming to study in Ireland from India in the field of education is increasing by at least 10 per cent every year. He said there are now about 6,000 Indian students studying in Ireland.

The Ambassador said the two countries would work together to further strengthen the friendship between Ireland and India in the areas of tourism and culture.

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