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“Britain Confirms Post-Brexit Border Checks Starting from April 30”

England: The British government is poised to implement post-Brexit border checks, marking a significant phase in its transition. Scheduled to commence on April 30, the next stage will focus on scrutinising plant and animal products entering the UK.

Media reports highlighting congestion at ports and delays in health and safety checks for EU imports have underscored the urgency of the new measures. However, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has reassured that border checks will proceed as planned, with priority given to critical goods. Defra asserts that all necessary infrastructure is in place to facilitate smooth operations.

The Port Health Authority will oversee documentary checks on hazardous goods, ensuring compliance and contacting traders if issues arise. The emphasis on biosecurity protection underscores the broader benefits for all stakeholders, including traders.

Discussions between Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue and UK Environment and Food Minister Steve Barclay underscored efforts to minimise trade barriers arising from inspections. Despite these assurances, the Department of Foreign Affairs clarified that the impending border checks primarily affect Irish operators utilising Britain as a conduit for EU trade, highlighting the potential impact on specific segments of the supply chain.

However, there’s a palpable sense of uncertainty among stakeholders, with the Irish Exporters’ Association urging the British government to provide clarity on the specifics of the new checks. CEO Simon McKeever expressed concern over potential disruptions, particularly if all commodity codes are activated simultaneously, stressing the need for resolution before implementation.

Meanwhile, UK businesses, facing increased costs of up to £145 per import from the EU, are advocating for a delay in the introduction of new border controls until autumn. Their concerns reflect broader apprehensions regarding the readiness of both infrastructure and businesses to adapt to the new regulatory landscape effectively.

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