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British Warship and Helicopter Repel Russian Submarine Off Irish Coast

A recent revelation from military sources discloses that a British warship and helicopter were compelled to deter a Russian submarine discovered off the Irish coast. The submarine was detected just south of the entrance to Cork Harbour, positioned outside the 12-mile territorial limit prescribed by international law.

Accompanying the submarine was a Russian-registered civilian vessel, assumed to function as its ‘surface satellite,’ as per insights from military insiders. At dusk, a British helicopter entered the area, deploying sonar equipment into the water, maintaining a brief presence before departing. Subsequently, a Royal Navy anti-submarine frigate arrived to surveil the submarine on behalf of Ireland. The mission, which transpired six months ago, was recently disclosed, emphasizing the necessity for Royal Navy involvement due to Ireland’s limited capacity to monitor submarine activities on its own warships.

Military sources suggest that Russia perceives the vulnerability of the UK’s western flank, a realisation underscored by such incidents along the Irish Coast. Incursions of this nature are reportedly becoming more frequent.

Notably, the Royal Navy has been monitoring Russian warships off the south coast of Ireland, interpreted as a demonstration of heightened Russian aggression. This group of Russian ships, ostensibly supporting the conflict in Ukraine, is led by the Slava-class cruiser Marshall Ustinov. The presence of the group, including the destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov, the tanker Vyazma, and a suspected submarine, is considered a strategic gesture towards Britain.

While the future trajectory of these ships remains uncertain, naval experts speculate on the possibility of them passing by the Faslane naval base. This scenario would necessitate extended patrol efforts, given that Faslane houses Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

Former nuclear-powered submarine captain and commander Ryan Ramsey assert that Russia’s actions, while within their rights, signify a return to more assertive Cold War behavior. He suggests that this might be part of Putin’s strategy to exert pressure on NATO in various environments, with the group likely containing a Russian hunter-killer avoiding the Irish Sea due to perilous tidal stream currents.

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