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Brutal Assault: Court Sends Young Offender to Jail for Attacks on Sex Workers

Dublin: A serious offender, Buti Shashi (27) of Tyrconnell Grove, Inchicore, Dublin, has been sentenced to an additional four and a half years in prison by Dublin Circuit Criminal Court Judge Martin for brutally assaulting two sex workers, including a man, adding to his previous convictions for 19 similar offenses. Shashi, who remains incarcerated until June 23, 2029, has been deemed by the judge as undeniably violent, having committed severe crimes.

The motives behind the attacks remain unclear, although theft has been suggested. Judge Martin acknowledged Shashi’s potential for remorse and shame, thus reducing the sentence from a potential ten years to four and a half years. Both incidents occurred in 2017, with Shashi inflicting grievous harm on his victims, including injuries inflicted with a knife and scissors and theft of belongings.

In the first incident on May 25, Shashi engaged in sexual contact with a man before returning later with another individual to perpetrate the assault, resulting in facial and bodily injuries and theft. Despite the delay in reporting the incident out of fear, a mobile-based investigation corroborated the victim’s account, leading to Shashi’s arrest.

On June 24, 2017, Shashi attacked a female sex worker, demanding money and inflicting severe stab wounds, including seven to her right hand alone, as well as injuries to her stomach and thigh and a broken eye socket. Shashi fled the scene but was identified through a mobile phone left behind, leading to his apprehension.

The defence counsel highlighted Shashi’s troubled history of substance abuse, starting from a young age, but also noted his attempts at rehabilitation, including engaging in sports and pursuing education while in custody.

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