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Can’t get rooms…and the rent is lousy! Who can help these children?

Severe Housing crises in Ireland

Dublin: Hundreds of international students, particularly girls, are still looking for housing after arriving in Ireland to study. There are no rented houses available anywhere, and the rent is exorbitant. This is the case in most cities, including Dublin. In Dublin, the rent for sharing a single room has climbed to 800 euros.

According to the officials, they must arrive at the college on time and immediately begin; they are forced to pay exorbitant hotel rates in other countries where they cannot stay. The Indian Embassy in Dublin is unable to assist the youngsters other than to warn them.

The embassy should issue a warning that, at least in the coming years, the obligation of securing lodging for students who come to study should be planned ahead of time. The Indian Embassy is responsible for ensuring that the wellbeing of overseas students arriving in Ireland is not compromised by high costs. They are not asylum seekers. Educational institutions in Ireland receive millions of euros from India alone.

The position of the students who have arrived in regions such as Athlone is quite terrible. Some of them are alleged to have been living on the streets since arriving on loan from Dublin Airport. They are free to stay in B&B. But you won’t be able to stay there for long. The majority of them have left the nation after hearing the brokers say that “it is adequate to pay a maximum rent of 500 euros.”

Some ‘fortunate’ people get to stay in friends’ homes, etc. during the first few days, but this is not the case for the vast majority of people.

The advent of CAO offers has raised the demand for rental houses. The situation is becoming increasingly complex. Children travelling from different parts of Ireland to study in cities may find themselves without any place to stay.

The phone calls of youngsters, who cannot find a place to stay and job searchers, including nurses, make everyone sad, according to representatives from numerous churches and organizations.

They also admit that they have been unable to materially assist any of them. The college administration also frequently requests that local citizens assist the students in renting accommodations.

The students, especially the Indians, claim that while they had heard that housing was a problem in Ireland, they did not expect it to be this terrible.

Ireland has experienced both economic and COVID devastation. But Fr. of Athlone cannot recall a time when kids were in this much danger. Cassie Shay If nothing else works, he insists that the troops be called in and tents be erected.

Newly arriving nurses also have no accommodation.

Even the nurses, caregivers, and other job seekers who arrive in Ireland on a daily basis are unable to find housing. Last month, two leading nursing agencies provided temporary accommodation at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dunleary. Only a few of the thirty nurses have found housing. Some Indian agencies ‘import’ nurses and caregivers on the proviso that they find their own housing.

Do you have a room or a portion of your home available to Indian students or candidates? Can you provide them a hand for the time being? You will also be able to share the information in the following WhatsApp group: Irish Malayali.

Additionally, students who have yet to secure rooms or accommodations can post a detailed request in this group. Someone near your business or institution may be able to help you find a room or make some recommendations.

Those that are interested are welcome to join the group. https://chat.whatsapp.com/FPByqmHcl4wESVpjUZH7m6

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