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Can’t remain a driver on learner permit forever… New rule will come for regulation

Dublin: The government is instituting restrictions targeting drivers who persistently renew their learners permits without progressing to a full license. Under this initiative, the government has issued explicit directives to the Road Safety Authority, tasking them with addressing individuals who renew their learner’s permits three or four times without advancing to a full license. Transport Minister Jack Chambers has personally corresponded with the authority regarding this matter.

Furthermore, the government is proposing legislation to deter drivers from repeatedly renewing their learners permits. It is anticipated that this law will be enacted during the latter half of the year. Approximately 30,000 learner drivers have been identified as remaining on the roads for an extended period without undergoing the necessary testing.

Transport Minister Jack Chambers had previously signalled intentions to take action against such drivers. However, prior to the enforcement of these measures, comprehensive awareness campaigns will be launched across educational institutions and through various media channels.

In correspondence with the Transport Minister’s letter, the allocated budget for these endeavours has been increased to three million uros. The minister has emphasised that this initiative will not only enhance road safety but also bolster funding for the authority.

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