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“Census 2022 Reveals Rise in Average Commute Time and Workforce Growth”

New data from Census 2022, released by the CSO, highlights an increase in the average commute time alongside growth in both employment numbers and retirees. The census, focusing on Employment, Occupations, and Commuting, indicates a 16% rise in the workforce to 2.3 million in April 2022, with every county experiencing employment growth. Unemployment figures have decreased from 13% seven years ago to 8% this year. Retirees increased by 21%, totaling 660,000 people in 2022. Commuting statistics reveal an average travel time to work rising from 26.6 minutes in 2011 to 29.1 minutes in 2022.

The primary commuting methods include car travel (63%), walking or cycling (12%), and public transport (9%). Remote work has seen a significant shift, with 747,961 people (32% of workers) now working from home at least one day a week. The industrial sector with the largest growth in workers since 2016 is ‘Other Human Health Activities,’ including professions like physiotherapy and occupational therapy, with an increase of 37,000 people.

Dr. Tracy Clegg, statistician in the Census Division, emphasised the new insights provided by additional questions in Census 2022, covering topics such as commuting to childcare, part-time working, working from home, and departure times from workplaces, schools, colleges, or childcare facilities. Car commuting, although still popular at 63%, has decreased from 66% in 2016. The report also highlights variations in commuting patterns based on gender, occupations with the longest working days, and regional differences in average journey times. The data indicates an 8% increase, totaling 3.2 million people, travelling to school, work, or college in Census 2022.

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