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Check out the specialities of November 8th

World Pianist Day – November 8, 2022

World Pianist Day comes around each November 8. It is mostly dedicated to pianists and their accomplishments. The world has seen and will witness many great musicians whose music has transcended the centuries.

It’s a day to remember the feelings that pianists elicit with their performances. Indeed, it causes our hearts to leap with excitement. To celebrate this delight, as many piano events as possible are held. Because the piano can be used in almost every type of Western music, pianists have a vast range of styles to select from, including jazz and blues. It’s also an opportunity for individuals who have never participated before to give it a shot.

Listen to Arthur Tatum Jr. who was an American jazz pianist who is widely regarded as one of the greatest in his field.

Art Tatum performs “Yesterdays”

World Radiography Day – November 8, 2022

Every year on November 8, World Radiography Day celebrates the anniversary of the invention of X-rays.

Professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen of Wuerzburg University in Germany discovered X-rays by accident in 1895. In his laboratory, Röntgen was working on a cathode-ray tube when he spotted a luminous light of crystals on a table near the tube, which had a bulb with negative and positive electrodes. When the tube’s air was evacuated and a high voltage was applied, the tube began to shine fluorescently. He discovered that material put a few feet away from the tube produced a green fluorescent light while shielding it with black paper.

Based on his findings, he determined that the tube was releasing a novel form of beam that could penetrate through the paper covering and excite the phosphorescent elements. He observed that this new beam could travel through a variety of materials and cast shadows on solid things. Röntgen also discovered that the radiation could penetrate human tissues but not bones or metal. One of his earliest efforts was a video of his wife’s hand, which shows her bones and ring.

This discovery was a scientific breakthrough, and it was met with tremendous curiosity by both scientists and the general public!

It’s difficult to imagine a world without x-rays now. They serve as the cornerstone for many medical diagnostic tools and assist clinicians in identifying a wide range of diseases. What’s even better is that they accomplish it in minutes and without any discomfort! The day also honours the hardworking radiographers and radiologists who make x-rays possible.

World Town Planning Day – November 8, 2022

Every year on November 8, World Town Planning Day is celebrated. This day was designated to recognise the critical role that planning and structure play in the formation of our communities.

Town planning is one of the most significant aspects of establishing ordered, living communities, and this act was given full respect when the late professor Carlos Maria della Paolera established it in 1949. World Town Planning Day is sometimes known as “World Urbanism Day.” The holiday aims to promote community planning by emphasising the environmental issues involved in the advancement of a community.

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