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Congress Calls for Expulsion of Indian Ambassador to Ireland, Akhilesh Mishra

New Delhi: The Congress party has demanded the removal of Indian Ambassador to Ireland, Akhilesh Mishra, accusing him of violating diplomatic norms and launching attacks on the opposition in India.

Mishra, known for his vocal support of the Modi government in the media, has been criticised for disparaging remarks about the previous government, particularly the Congress party. Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has strongly condemned Mishra’s behaviour, labelling him as a “party mercenary” for his apparent alignment with the ruling party’s narrative.

Ramesh emphasised that while ambassadors are expected to represent the government’s interests, engaging in overtly political attacks akin to a party worker is highly inappropriate for someone in Mishra’s position. Such conduct not only violates diplomatic service norms but also undermines the dignity of the ambassadorial role.

According to Ramesh, Mishra’s conduct is unprofessional and shameful, and he is unfit to continue serving as ambassador. Mishra’s actions, in Ramesh’s view, discredit the entire nation.

The controversy erupted following an editorial in the Irish Times on April 11 titled ‘Modi tightens his grip,’ which criticised the Modi government for allegedly stifling opposition voices and eroding democratic values. Mishra responded by penning a letter to the Irish Times, staunchly defending Modi and casting aspersions on previous Congress-led governments.

In his response, Mishra highlighted alleged corruption scandals during previous administrations and praised Modi’s leadership for combating corruption and fostering development. He lauded Modi’s global popularity and hailed him as an exceptional leader with a visionary governance style.

However, Mishra’s defence of Modi and criticism of the opposition have sparked backlash, with the Congress party demanding his removal from the ambassadorial post for his perceived breach of diplomatic protocol.


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