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Connecting India and Ireland in a fashionable manner

Being a naturally green country, Ireland has all reasons to be motivated to follow the ethical fashion trends. Ethical fashion follows the method of making clothes totally depending on organic components with the least use of chemicals.

Dublin-based Eva Power is a notable personality in following the ethical fashion trails. Moreover, her venture called ‘The Ethical Silk Company’ has become instrumental in connecting Ireland with India in designing ethical silk wears and selling them worldwide.

Eva started her fashion business after having her two children. She found an ethical silk manufacturer in India where she enlisted the assistance of a small group of women who manufacture pure silk. They create the pure silk without boiling the silk worms. Instead, they wait until the moths have vacated their cocoons before using the incubators for silk processing.

Eva’s silk pillowcases are very popular and also beneficial for skin as they maintain a moisture barrier. Silk guarantees less frizzy hair and sleep creases down the face when we wake up, unlike abrasive polyester.

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