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“Consecutive Driving Test Failures to Result in Road Ban for Learner’s Licence Holders”

Dublin: The government of Ireland is contemplating a ban on learner’s licence holders who repeatedly fail driving tests from accessing the roads, citing a surge in road accidents and fatalities.

Acknowledging the potential controversy surrounding this move, the Department of Transport has disclosed that the government is earnestly considering discontinuing the practice of indefinitely renewing learner licences as part of its security initiatives. This revelation came in response to inquiries raised by Sinn Féin’s transport spokesman, Martin Kenny TD, who highlighted the alarming rise in road-related fatalities resembling an epidemic. Kenny urged immediate governmental intervention and decisive action.

Transport Minister minister emphasised that even individuals who have failed ten driving tests are granted continual licence renewals under the current system. The proposed reform aims to alter this practice by revising driving training programmes and curricula to enhance candidates’ proficiency for practical tests.

Efforts are underway within the department to devise a comprehensive plan aimed at better preparing candidates for driving tests. Collaborative discussions with the Road Safety Authority are ongoing. Statistics indicate approximately ten thousand individuals in Ireland have held learner’s licences for over fifteen years.

A review of driver training methodologies has been initiated, necessitating legislative amendments. The Transport Department has commenced this process and formed a dedicated RSA task force to delineate technical and administrative protocols. Implementation of this proposal is contingent upon the resolution of congestion and delays in driver testing.

The government affirms its commitment to enhancing road safety standards, underscoring the imperative for systematic reforms to mitigate the risks associated with inexperienced drivers on the roads.

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