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Covid 19 confirmed amongst majority of residences and staff at the nursing home in County Galway

Galway region is in a state of panic because of the serious spread of Covid-19 amongst the majority of residents and staff at a nursing home in the county.

A resident of this nursing home has already died of Covid-19. Two others have been admitted to hospital due to deteriorating health.

A resident was rushed to hospital last Monday and since he was confirmed Covid positive and all other staff and residents were sent for detailed Covid test.

The results came by 10pm on Tuesday night and 25 of the 27 residents were found to be Covid positive.

The operation of the nursing home came to a standstill as all the staff, including ten care staff and seven nurses, were isolated for quarantine.

As a result, the nursing home today functions with very little staff, making the condition of the sick resident even more deplorable.

Currently, only one nurse, one caretaker and some other staff are on duty.

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