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Covid-19: drug trade in Ireland had shifted from cocaine to cannabis

The corona virus, which devastated all of the country’s industries and businesses, has not spared drug trade either. The pandemic effectively destroyed Ireland and Europe’s drug trade.

While it is good news that cocaine use in the country is diminishing, it is serious that people turn to cannabis instead. The Garda and the government are worried that this could lead to many serious drug crimes in Ireland.

All the country’s wet pubs have been sealed for months. But that is the reason the rising drug trade is troubling.

Crime gangs in Ireland are always planning their attack. Drug dealers are waiting for its supply.

Up to a few weeks ago the drug trade, and the violent crime associated with it, had continued as usual.

Sources familiar with the illicit drug trade across the country said, Cocaine dealers either do not have the product, or it is plentiful. It is not easy to escape from this.

Leading officials have said that in recent years, there have been three major areas in Ireland were criminal groups attacking each other. Those three areas are Longford, Finglas, and Drogheda.

The garda has been trying for a long time to monitor the criminal gangs that have been attacking each other in the Longford area for the past two years.

Firing at houses and threatening innocent family members are usual in these places. Much of this is said to have been attributed to Eastern European associates who are part of the drug trade.

Although the cocaine trade has declined due to the current Covid crisis, dealers have diversified their sales over time. Local sources said the drug trade in the area had shifted from cocaine to cannabis.

According to Garda and community officials, demand for benzodiazepines such as Xanax have also increased. These medications are for people suffering from anxiety and heart attack. There is no doubt that it can have side effects if used by people who are not sick.

In any case, the Garda continues its surveillance activities to anticipate the plans of criminal gangs.

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