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Covid-19: Ireland’s situation worse than other European countries, says HSE

HSE warns that Ireland’s situation with Covid-19 is worse than any other country in Europe.

Paul Reed, chief executive officer of HSE, said the HSE was as concerned about the situation as it was about the first phase. HSE Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Com Henry also confirmed that the situation is deteriorating rapidly.

CEO Paul Reid said the rapid growth of cases, the high positivity rate, the uncontrolled number of contacts and the availability of health services are all worrying.

There has been a huge increase in infections since Christmas. This has put a lot of pressure on hospitals. Hundreds of nurses and health workers are in self-isolation. The HSE CEO said that if the current situation continues, the situation will get worse by next week.

He therefore reiterated that everyone should abide by the maximum government regulations.

Hospitals and the healthcare system were set for the winter stronger than last year. Although HSE confirmed public safety, he said the instability of the virus would change the situation very quickly.

It is alleged that the distribution of the vaccine is very slow at present. Very few vaccine units have reached Ireland so far.

Even in most major hospitals, nurses have not received the Covid vaccine, and the emphasis is now on the distribution of the vaccine in nursing homes.

According to health department sources, the government is planning to even to deploy the military and distribute the vaccine if it is needed.

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