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Covid cases are on the rise in the capital and Limerick, Acting CMO has advised public to be alert

Dublin: Extreme concern in Dublin and Limerick in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Acting Chief Medical Officer Ronan Glynn has warned that the next seven days will be crucial for Covid prevention activities in these counties.

The number of virus victims is likely to increase in the coming days. Meanwhile, 102 new cases were reported in the country yesterday.

A total of 1672 cases have been confirmed in the last two weeks. Of these, 791 cases (47%) were in Dublin and 116 (7%) in Limerick.

The increase in the number of Covid patients in hospitals over the past one week is also a cause for concern. But the current situation is under control, Glynn said.

Health workers are also taking the rising number of cases in the country very seriously.

There are serious concerns about Dublin and Limerick. The number of patients has increased dramatically in the last two weeks. The assessment is that it will not take long for it to rise again.

People need to be extra vigilant in the face of the Covid outbreak in the society. In particular, the people of Dublin must ensure social distance and other Covid guidelines.

Glynn says instead of lockdowns, effective measures for public health care are being implemented in Ireland. It should be noted that the additional measures recommended by the NPHET are to make people’s lives safer.

He added that by making more adjustments, officers would be able to be more careful in the defense of Covid than they had been before.

The virus can be chased away if everyone stands together. Glynn says that in the coming days and winters, every person should be more careful and safe than they are now.

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