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Covid cases jumps in Ireland: Are mandatory masks coming back?

Dublin: The Ministry of Health has indicated that an increase in coronavirus cases in Ireland is possible in the coming weeks. Face masks may be made mandatory again in the new situation.

The government is issuing orders to make masks necessary before the country’s COVID situation worsens.

Yesterday, the Minister briefed the Cabinet on possible countermeasures in the event of another COVID-19 outbreak. On the suggestion of Chief Medical Officer Breda Smyth, the note was presented to Cabinet. There were 474 cases of COVID-19 in Irish hospitals yesterday, a 45% increase over the previous two weeks.

In the event of a spike in Covid, the Minister of Health has advised that masks be reintroduced in the Cabinet. The Croke Park Vaccination Center will also be reopened in various regions of the country, according to the Minister. Appointments are now being offered.

The memo recommends reintroducing mask wearing on public transport and in health facilities, including hospitals, to help prevent infection. The government may soon develop plans to include mandatory mask-wearing requirements in each of these systems.

Plans also include offering an additional booster to all seniors who have not already received a second one. Last week an estimated 10,000 more booster doses were distributed per day. Since January, this is the highest rate in a single day. The HSE has recently made booster doses available for particular categories such as the over-50s, the weak, the immunocompromised, healthcare professionals, and pregnant women, but the number of people taking the boosters is’ very low.’ Now is the opportunity to benefit from the booster campaign.

The HSE guarantees that the booster dose will prevent you from serious illness, hospitalization, and death.

The HSE advises that everyone should receive a booster dose because it will help to neutralise the antibodies, protecting against symptomatic infection.

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