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Covid expansion confirmed in two wards of Naas Hospital

Covid spread confirmed in two wards, including the psychiatric ward at Naas General Hospital in Kildare.

Meanwhile, an HSE spokesman said Covid defensive operations have been stepped up in both wards. 18 staff and nine patients on the psychiatric ward was tested positive for Covid-19.

The HSE spokesman said arrangements had been made to prevent the spread of the virus to more health workers and patients, and that safety precautions had been taken to reduce the risk.

The Covid spread in the psychiatry ward started from a male patient, who was transferred from Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown to Naas on October 10.

His test result was negative before he was admitted to NAS. However, on the 16th he showed signs of Covid again.

He was subsequently diagnosed with fever and was not examined or monitored for Covid-19.

He shares a six-bed bay that accommodates elderly patients and has also visited various parts of the hospital.

He had been walking in and around the hospital for the past three days. Those working in other departments also alternately work in the psychiatric ward and also use the public canteen.

However, a source said that it was a mistake on the part of the hospital to keep him away from proper examination.

However, he was isolated only on October 18 and underwent Covid examination, and the disease was confirmed on Monday. Subsequent tests revealed more cases.

Authorities have decided to conduct an urgent check-up at the hospital as the number of Covid cases is likely to rise.

The Lake View Psychiatric Unit is a 30-bed ward adjacent to the emergency department inside the hospital building. The unit also shares equipment such as X-rays and MRI machines for other departments in the hospital. Therefore, there is concern that the spread of the disease may increase further.

A spokesman for the Psychiatric Nurses Association said staff at the unit were now under intense pressure as the spread of the disease was likely to rise.

Meanwhile, Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy’s response was that the Covid outbreak in the hospital was shocking.

Katherine added that strict Covid protocol should be implemented to curb the spread of Covid in the hospital and that there are serious concerns as there are vulnerable people in the psychiatric ward.

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