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Dada’s health is stable after undergoing angioplasty

Doctors say BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, who underwent angioplasty following a heart attack, is in a stable condition.

Doctors at the Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata, where Ganguly is being treated, said there’s nothing to worry about his health. Ganguly’s blood pressure and oxygen levels are normal.

The cricket icon underwent angioplasty on Saturday after a previous day’s examination revealed a blockage in three coronary arteries. A stent has also been used to prevent blockage in the arteries.

A spokesman for the hospital said Ganguly’s condition would be assessed before another angioplasty could be performed. He added that the medical board was not thinking about the option of bypass surgery.

Ganguly (48) suffered chest pain during a routine exercise on Saturday morning and was rushed to Woodland Hospital in Kolkata.

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