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Death of Seema Banu and her children: Phone records are being monitored

DUBLIN: Indications are that mobile phone information and phone location data could be crucial evidence in the deaths of Seema Banu and her children in Dublin.

The Garda hopes that if they check the tower location, they would be able to find the phone numbers of those who were active in the area when the three were presumed dead.

Meanwhile, the post-mortem of the three bodies were completed last Friday. Garda concluded that the children had been murdered. While Seema Banu’s death reports are still not clear. The Garda also intensified its investigation into the matter.

The post-mortem report said the children were strangled to death. However, the cause of death of Seema Banu is still unclear. Garda said there were possibilities that they had been murdered or that they had taken their own lives. Garda also found ligatures near Seema’s body in the upstairs bedroom.

Garda said that it would be clear whether the death was a murder or a suicide only if Seema’s body is subjected to further medical examination.

Garda says the case is very complex. Since so far, we haven’t received any updates from Garda on this murder mystery.

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