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Debris from China’s ‘out of control’ rocket is falling back on Earth this weekend

DUBLIN: The world is worried that another disaster may occur before the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates. The Chinese Long March 5B-rocket, which went out of control and entered the Earth’s atmosphere, is causing concern. If the rocket does not burn up completely in the atmosphere, debris from the rocket will fall to the ground.

The rocket lost control on its return after launching the “Tianhe” module, a key component of the Large Modular Space Station, into orbit on April 29. The US Department of Defense says the rocket could hit the ground anytime between May 8 and 10.

But the scientific world has not yet been able to determine the exact place and time of its fall. However, due to its orbital inclination of 41.5 degrees, the crash is expected to occur between latitudes 41.5 degrees north, which runs through North America, Southern Europe, and China, and 41.5 degrees south, which falls in South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Satellite trackers have found the rocket body that is one hundred feet long and sixteen feet wide. It travels at a speed of four miles per second and weighs over 20,000 kg.

Most parts of the rocket are expected to burn up in the atmosphere before it hits the ground. According to international media reports, unburned debris could fall into the oceans or populated areas.

Countries around the world have criticised China for not planning to the re-entry properly. This is not the first time China has threatened other countries with its experiments. They launched another Long March 5B rocket last year, causing damage to buildings in two villages in the Republic of Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Long March 5b rocket

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