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Debris from out-of-control Chinese rocket crashed into Indian Ocean

The debris of the Chinese rocket Long March 5B, which lost control and entered the Earth’s atmosphere, fell into the sea. China says the remains of the rocket crashed into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives around 9 am Indian time. State media reported that bulk of the debris burned up in the atmosphere before it hit the ground.

The rocket lost control on its return after launching the “Tianhe” module, a key component of the Large Modular Space Station, into orbit on April 29. The US Space Force’s 18th Space Control Squadron predicted the rocket would crash into the Indian Ocean, but the entire world was worried because the prediction could not be confirmed.

However, according to China’s space agency, the 18-tonne part of the rocket, which is 100 feet high and weighs 22 tons, crashed into the Indian Ocean.

There is usually a precise technique for landing the rocket back. But scientists say the authorities did not provide the facility in the Long March and that is what caused the problem.

Countries around the world have criticised China for not planning to the re-entry properly. This is not the first time China has threatened other countries with its experiments. They launched another Long March 5B rocket last year, causing damage to buildings in two villages in the Republic of Ivory Coast, West Africa.

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