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December is here; Temperature expected to drop this week

People are very much busy in preparing themselves for welcoming Christmas. Just like the people, the weather is also preparing for December.

Temperature will drop significantly this week and it may continue to last for some weeks.

Met Eireann predicts that tomorrow will be cloudier and rainier. But certain parts of Munster will be dry and these areas are likely to receive sunshine.

Tomorrow’s condition might continue on Tuesday also. Further rains can be expected in some places, but as the day progresses it will become drier.

The temperature will hold up in between 9-12C and will fall to 4-7C overnight on Tuesday. The north-west will receive persisten light rainfall.

Wednesday mornings will see more cloud and scattered outbreaks of rain travelling south-eastwards. Heavy showers are expected in the afternoon.

This rain will become prevalent on Wednesday night with a chance of hail but heaviest in western areas, with temperatures due to drop as low as 1C nationwide.

Thursday are expected to be a cold day with widespread rain and hail clearing later in the day. As the time progresses, Thursday night will see the temperature hitting zero in most parts of the country.

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