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Decision to implement Level 5 restrictions in Ireland will be made soon

DUBLIN: Ireland may move into Level 5 restrictions to control Covid’s second wave. Earlier it was hinted that restrictions between levels four and five might come into force.

However, reports suggest that the country may impose Level 5 restrictions for six weeks as the COVID spread continues. The final decision will be taken soon after the cabinet meeting.

Level five will have strict restrictions similar to lockdown. Restrictions will force people to stay in their homes as much as possible.

At the same time, it is reported that the restrictions will come into effect only two days later as part of the government’s decision to allow businesses and the public to adapt.

NPHET’s recommendation was to impose Level 5 restrictions for six weeks in the wake of the COVID spread.

However, Level 5 restrictions are likely to be in place for only four weeks in the first phase to overcome the protests that will erupt when Level 5 is reached at once.

The cabinet will also decide on the functioning of schools and colleges when level 5 restrictions are imposed.

What are the restrictions under level 5 category?

● Most social activities will be stopped or severely restricted as part of the level 5 restrictions.

● House visits are not allowed for visitors. In addition, all gatherings in other places will be prohibited.

● Organised indoor and outdoor gatherings such as cultural events are not allowed.

● Group sports or competitions will not be allowed.

● Religious services may be conducted online, but places of worship may be open for personal prayer.

● Only 10 people will be allowed at the funeral.

● Only six guests will be allowed at the wedding.

● Bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs will be limited to takeaway or delivery services.

● Services such as hairdresser and hair cutting are also not allowed.

● Retail sale of essential items will be allowed.

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