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Delivery Workers Strike Across UK, US, and Europe, Including Dublin, Demanding Living Wages..

Dublin: Delivery workers in Ireland, alongside counterparts across the UK, US, and Europe, recently staged strikes demanding fair wages, highlighting the precarious conditions faced by those working for companies like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat. On Valentine’s Day, hundreds of demonstrators, including Dublin’s delivery workers, took to the streets to amplify their message.

The heart of the issue lies in dwindling wages, with minimum payments per delivery plummeting from 4.29 euros to below 2.15 euros over the past four years. Some workers even receive as little as one euro per delivery, exacerbating financial strain.

The strike, orchestrated by the English Language Students Union of Ireland (ELSU), unfolded from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., with participants congregating at the Spire on O’Connell Street. Fiachra O’Luain, ELSU’s Labour Rights Officer, emphasised the significance of Valentine’s Day as an occasion to extend love and solidarity to fellow humans, underscoring the timing of the strike.

Acknowledging the concerns raised, a spokesperson from Just Eat assured that the company prioritises the well-being of its self-employed delivery workers, pledging to explore options to ensure competitive remuneration. Deliveroo echoed a commitment to offering appealing income, employment, and security to its riders, while Uber Eats vowed to provide flexible opportunities for couriers to optimise their earnings through the app.

As the voices of delivery workers resonate globally, these strikes serve as a poignant reminder of the imperative to address the systemic challenges within the gig economy and uphold the dignity and rights of workers.

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