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Despite the threat of bird flu, the government will not regulate turkey meat during the Christmas season

Dublin: Despite the threat of bird flu, the government will not regulate turkey meat during the Christmas season. The Minister of Agriculture clarified his position regarding this in the context of the outbreak of bird flu at the turkey farm in Monaghan.

Efforts to halt the spread of bird flu are ongoing. 3,000 turkeys from infected farms will be slaughtered. Following the killing, the entire area will be cleaned and disinfected. “This is to prevent the infection from spreading,” says the minister. Furthermore, restrictions have been imposed in the areas surrounding the infected area. As a result, Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue believes that the supply of turkeys will not be affected.

Strict regulations

The government has placed a 30-day restriction on the areas surrounding the chicken farm near the border. However, it is expected that normalcy will take a long time to return. A three-kilometre protection zone has been established around the infected farm. The licence of the Department of Agriculture has been made mandatory for the transactions of all chicken-related products, including meat and eggs.

Chicken samples will be collected for bird flu testing in a three-kilometre zone and a ten-kilometre observation zone. General precautions, such as bird confinement, access control to farms, and disinfection, have also been implemented. Northern Ireland’s agriculture officials will enforce similar regulations.

The infection began in July.

The virus has been spreading among wild birds since July, according to the Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer of the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Marine. According to Dr. June Fanning, the infection rate is higher this year. She stated that this is a major concern for the farm owners. Fanning said bird flu has become a daily concern for farmers, the IFA’s Poultry Committee Chairperson.

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