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Disinfecting robots will be deployed in Irish hospitals in the coming weeks to fight COVID-19

As part of the fight against COVID-19, a number of disinfecting robots will be installed in Irish hospitals in the coming weeks. Announcing the installation of robots by the Waterford firm, Antech Solutions, came as the European Commission decided to deploy its 200 robots to hospitals across Europe.

In addition to the healthcare sector, robots are being implemented in hotels, pharmaceutical companies, office spaces and many other parts of the world. This will meet new and higher expectations for safety and hygiene.

The instrumentation company Antech Solutions is the Irish partner of the Danish company UVD Robots.

The UVD robot is a mobile, fully autonomous robot. It integrates UVC light to disinfect against viruses and bacteria not only on surfaces, but the air as well. It provides complete comprehensive infection control and prevention. UVD robots enable hospitals to reduce the spread of disease by killing 99.99% of bacteria and microorganisms in a patient’s room in about 10 minutes.

“The UVD robots we deploy across the various hospitals in Ireland will focus on fighting the spread of Covid-19 at a critical moment when cases are surging. They will also strengthen the prevention measures against hospital-acquired infections in general,” said Dermot Harrington MD of Antech.

“The size and breadth of this order validates the effectiveness of our robots, and we plan to deploy them as quickly as possible to help protect healthcare workers and patients, to combat the spread of COVID-19,” he added.

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