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Do you want to become a police officer in Ireland? Then this is your chance…..

Dublin: Do you want to work as a police officer in Ireland? Then this is your chance. In an effort to diversify, the Garda Force has launched a new recruitment drive in Ireland. The campaign will come to an end on April 14. The Gardai are recruiting 1,000 new officers.

Only two of those who arrived in Ireland from India have become members of the Garda so far. This is relatively low when compared to the number of other nationalities who have joined the Garda Force. Last time, the number of applicants from India was also low, while those with residential status in Ireland can join the Garda for up to four years. With Indians constituting the majority of the non-European population in Ireland, chances of getting into the force are high this time.

Excellent pay
During the first 33 weeks of the training period, the allowance is only 184 per week. The figures for 2021 show that after full training in the first two years, the annual salary of beginners is up to 32,421 euros, but each garda receives an additional 37,000 euros through overtime.

Opportunity for Indians.

The requirement to join the Gardai if they have lived in Ireland for at least four years out of the last eight years and in the year immediately preceding the application date may mean more people to join the force.

The current minimum age to join the Garda is 35. The Labour Court ruled that this was unfair.

It was also reported that one out of five applicants who wanted to join the army failed the mandatory fitness test. Fianna Fail TD Jim O’Callaghan, among others, came forward with criticism against this.

Those who work in the Garda Force believe that those who regularly train in the Bleep Test and Obstacle Course will have an easy time getting into the Gardai.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris urged all interested parties to apply on April 14. Superintendent Liam Geraghty of the Garda Press Office stated that the force is attempting to diversify. He said that it would change your life. Those who are interested can log on to public jobs, he said.

According to Justice Minister Simon Harris, the force’s recruitment is critical. The minister stated that the government’s goal was to increase diversity in the police force. Ireland has the highest participation of female officers in Europe. Last time, more than 20% of applicants were from minority communities.

FOR MORE DETAILS :https://www.garda.ie/en/careers/career-faqs/faqs-garda-trainee-recruitment-2023.pdf


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