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Don’t speak English in Italy… Italy has strict rules to control the use of English…

Rome: The Italian government is planning strict measures to limit the use of foreign languages, particularly English. Prime Minister Georgia Meloni is proposing a new law that includes provisions for imposing heavy fines on individuals and organisations that violate the law by using English or other foreign languages.

Foreign language use in official communications and documentation can result in fines. Fines range from €5,000 to €100,000 for those who ignore and denigrate the Italian language under the law.

A Language Control Committee will be established under the Department of Culture to ensure proper use and pronunciation of the Italian language. This committee will ensure that the Italian language is used correctly in schools, the media, commerce, and advertising.

Fabio Rampelli, a member of the Lower Chamber of Deputies, with the support of the Prime Minister, is drafting the law regarding this. The bill, which ensures the knowledge and skills of the Italian language for institutions in Italy, has not yet reached the parliamentary debate. Although the law includes all foreign languages, it appears that the government is focusing on English (Anglomania).

The new law prohibits the use of English in official documentation, including abbreviations and company names in the country. Internal regulations and employment contracts from foreign firms must be available in Italian. The law states that Italian must be the primary language even in offices dealing with foreigners who do not speak Italian.

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