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‘Drug shortage’ : Fear hits Ireland, People are flocking to pharmacies as COVID and flu spread

Dublin: There is a huge rush in pharmacies and other places due to the spread of COVID and flu in Ireland. Over-the-counter medicine shortages have also begun to be reported, though not widely. Hundreds of people are visiting pharmacies to obtain COVID tests and cough syrup. As in other European countries, including Germany, there is a shortage of cough medicines, throat sprays, and lozenges in many pharmacies. Leading antibiotics and steroids are in short supply in pharmacies across the country.

The number of people suffering from fever is steadily increasing. Common cold and flu treatments are less common in hospitals. That’s why people buy medicine directly from pharmacies. People visit pharmacies because GP appointments are not always available. According to pharmacy owners, the number of people visiting pharmacies is much higher than during the Christmas season.

Antigen test sales have also increased in pharmacies. Despite a 23% increase in VAT on tests last week, the number of tests continues to rise. According to pharmacists, another issue is the scarcity of various cough medicines.

As per a spokesperson for United Drug Company, the drug distribution sector has been under intense pressure in recent weeks. This company supplies more than 50% of all medicines in Ireland.
Johnson & Johnson also revealed that although some stores are running low on product, they are not experiencing widespread shortages.

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