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Dublin Airport increases passenger charges by seven percent; The increase will be effective next year

Dublin: Dublin Airport increases passenger charges. It is expected that fares for passengers arriving at the airport will increase by 7% beginning next year. A passenger will have to pay up to €8.68 more. This is seven percent more than in 2022. The increase is less than the airport authority had requested. However, criticism has been raised in some centres that the fare hike will affect passengers.

The airport charges for 2023–2026 have been published by the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR). Passenger charges are set to rise to €9.23 in 2024, €10.30 in 2025, and €11.73 in 2026.

CAR estimates that these increases could generate €2.8 billion in revenue for Dublin Airport over the next four years. Half of that figure is expected to come from airport charges. The rest of the revenue comes from other sources, including retail and parking charges.

In the coming years, the number of passengers arriving at the airport is expected to rise significantly. CAR has revealed that the fare has been reduced. Passengers’ and airlines’ interests have also been considered. It is expected that the number of passengers will reach the pre-pandemic level by the beginning of 2024. By 2026, it is expected to reach 35.7 million.

Meanwhile, airlines such as Ryanair have spoken out against the fare increase. The company claimed that the current increase is having a negative impact on tourists. The company’s CEO, Eddie Wilson, accused the authorities of not doing anything to provide safety and comfort to the passengers except for the growth of the airport.

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