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Dublin Grandmother Dies from Medication Mix-up, Inquest Reveals

Dublin: A tragic incident unfolded when Margaret Corcoran, a Dublin grandmother, suffered a fatal seizure after being administered medication intended for another individual with a similar name and address. Despite efforts to rectify the error, Margaret succumbed to severe brain damage resulting from oxygen deprivation during the seizure.

An inquiry revealed that the pharmacy technician responsible for preparing Margaret’s medication inadvertently retrieved the wrong prescription, which contained diabetic medications meant for another customer. This mix-up tragically led to Margaret’s untimely demise.

The coroner’s verdict of death by misadventure underscored the series of unfortunate events that unfolded due to the similarity in names and addresses. While changes have been implemented by the pharmacy to prevent such errors in the future, the incident serves as a poignant reminder for individuals to diligently check their prescriptions.

Margaret’s sister, Marian Reilly, expressed profound grief over the loss, emphasising the irreparable impact of the error on her family. The tragedy serves as a sombre reminder of the critical importance of prescription accuracy and the devastating consequences of oversight in the healthcare system.

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