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Dublin Mayor criticises ‘All Lives Matter’ campaign as pointless until blacks get equal and fair status

DUBLIN: The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu, criticised the activists who say “All Lives Matter.” The Mayor openly stated that it does not matter with mere statements like ‘All Lives Matter’ until equality is achieved for the lives of immigrants.

Hazel Chu’s mother immigrated to Ireland 40 years ago. “My mother would have experienced sporadic incidents of racism. Now, racism has significantly increased in Ireland,” she said.

Ms. Chu was born to Chinese parents in Dublin. “The fact that people have come out and said ‘All Lives Matter’ – they don’t understand,” she said.

Ms. Chu said that there will be no true equality unless there is proper representation and “equal and fair status for black people” around the world. At the same time, she also shared the concern that her daughter would face the same racism that she faces.

“Until we get the increase of racism in Ireland in check, I have a fear that the work Douglass has done will be in vain,” she said.

On an online panel celebrating Douglas Week, the Mayor mentioned a recent mob attack and harassment towards her.

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