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Dublin’s Level 3 restrictions lead to a considerable drop in the number of Pedestrians

The City Council has announced a sharp drop in the number of pedestrians in Dublin city center since the Level 3 restrictions went into effect.

The latest mobility report found a glimpse into the core city center area between St Stephen’s Green on the south side and Henry Street on the north side, reaching 60% of the pre-level at Covid-19 before the latest level 3 restrictions.

But these numbers have now fallen again. Although footfall is recovering on Henry Street and Grafton Street, Mobility reports says that there has been a sharp decline in Henry Street after Level 3 restrictions.

However, there has not been a similar decline in the number of pedestrians on Grafton Street, and a trail of streets around the popular shopping district is under assessment.

Authorities had also installed contactless pedestrian buttons and computer pedestrian counts at various parts of the city. Commuter pedestrian counts at canal cordon count locations carried out between May and July showed levels at only 20% compared to normal.

This low rate later began to grew high during the initial week of September, but the numbers are still surfing very much lower than the expected count.

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