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East Wall protesters caused traffic chaos in Dublin city centre

Dublin: Protests against the East Wall refugee centre continue. Locals blocked the port tunnel in protest of the government’s action. Protests broke out at the East Wall when 100 migrants were accommodated in the building. Protesters claimed that there was no consultation with local residents regarding refugee housing.

On Monday evening, residents blocked both entrances to East Wall Road between Alfie Byrne Road and East Road. To prevent refugees from entering the area, approximately 300 protesters blocked the Port Tunnel and the adjacent East Wall Road.

Earlier, local residents had protested against the accommodation of refugees here. Ignoring it, when the refugees began to arrive, people took to the streets, blocking traffic in the port tunnel. For more than a week, people have been protesting here.

Locals claim that more refugees will be brought into the building in the coming weeks, but there is no indication that the government’s stance has changed. Integration Minister Roderic O’Gorman said the former ESB office block in Dublin will be opened as emergency accommodation for refugees.

Protests against the East Wall refugee centre

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