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EU with comprehensive legislation for online and delivery workers

Dublin: The European Union is introducing legislation to guarantee workers at online companies comprehensive employment schemes, forcing employers to offer more benefits and protections to employees at hundreds of companies, including Uber and Deliveroo.

The current draft rules announced by the EU executive are the first legislation to cover delivery and online workers globally.

In the draft version of the law adopted by the EU, EU countries propose that companies be considered employers if they meet at least three of the seven criteria.

Employees must provide benefits to the company if at least three of the following conditions are met: electronic monitoring of worker performance, limiting employees’ right to choose their working hours, restricting their jobs, prohibiting them from working for third parties, setting a high salary ceiling, and establishing rules on their general behaviour.

According to the EU executive, the rules will apply to approximately 4.1 million of the 28 million workers at online platform companies across the EU’s 27 member countries.

The EU recommends that the rules include an indicative list of criteria for determining whether a worker is an employee. The worker’s fixed income, defined working hours, and whether he or she is under the supervision of the employer will also be examined.

However, organisations such as Uber have criticised the proposals made by EU legislators.

Uber Vice President Anabel Diaz Calderon stated in a statement that the freedom and schedules that most platform workers desire will be lost. European delivery platforms such as Bolt, Deliveroo, Delivery Hero, Glovo, Uber, and Wolt all hold the same view.

EU countries and the EU will continue further discussions on the matter before the legislation is adopted.

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