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Europe’s most friendly cities are in Ireland, with Galway in first and Dublin in second place

Galway: The response of readers of the world-famous travel magazine to the question of which is the friendliest city in Europe will make Ireland happy and proud.

They have selected two cities in Ireland to be the friendliest cities in Europe. They ranked Galway first and Dublin second, respectively. The readers and the travel lovers around the world of the popular travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller have chosen Galway and Dublin as their favorite spots.

Galway also ranks first in Europe in terms of friendly vibes. The US magazine described Galway as Ireland’s “alternative city”. The Irish cities have achieved this by surpassing the major tourist cities such as Lisbon, Athens and Edinburgh.

In 2018, Galway was ranked fifth on the same list. At the time, Cork was third and Dublin eighth. Praising Galway’s sense of community, Condé Nast called it “as tight-knit as a village”.  

The city’s food scene also was especially appreciated. It also pointed to a list of the best restaurants in the city and its surroundings.

In 2016, the city was named “Ireland’s most charming city” by the New York Times, known for its student-y vibes and buzzing nightlife.  

The equivalent publication, Lonely Planet, selected Galway as one of the top five cities in the world for travel this year.

Condé Nast’s readers also selected their favourite destinations, hotels, villas, spas, airlines, airports, cruises and tour operators.

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